healthy and unhealthy foods for your teeth

Healthy and unhealthy foods for your teeth

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Healthy and unhealthy foods for your teeth Healthy and unhealthy foods for your teeth is my yearly update on what food groups are bad for your oral health. Believe it or not foods don’t always play nice with our teeth.  Here is a list of “Healthy” and “unhealthy” foods for our

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Dr. Rohan and Ellen’s Mission trip to Honduras

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Global Medical and Dental Brigades: Dr. Rohan and Ellen’s Mission trip to Honduras Day One: Dr. Rohan and Ellen’s Mission trip to Honduras Gathering of 56 University of Illinois undergraduate health sciences students at O’Hare Airport at 5am to begin travel to Honduras with a stop in Houston, Texas. Met

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wedding rings

Wedding bells and white teeth!

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Wedding bells and White Teeth Spring is here and summer is right around the corner which means it’s that time of year again – wedding season. There is dancing, singing, celebrating and a lot of smiling on your wedding day. There are a few things you can do to get

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

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We all want that Hollywood smile with big, white and shinny teeth. But most of us live in the real world filled with teeth staining necessities like coffee, tea, soda and maybe an occasional glass of merlot. So what do we normal folks do to get that Hollywood smile? Having

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Dental implant - implanted in jaw bone. Isolated on white

Missing tooth – Dental Implant!

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Missing a tooth? Have you thought about a dental implant? Life happens, things happen, missing teeth can happen. Whether you loose a tooth in a accident or because of dental decay, an implant may be a great way to replace the missing tooth. In this week’s blog we will explain

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Learning to Smile Again

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*Note: Juan has reviewed this post and given us permission to tell his story. We never disclose any information about our patients without prior consent and approval. Learning to smile again Smiling… it shows the world you are confident, happy and excited about what’s going on. The ability to smile

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NewYear2015card (1)

New Years Resolution – for your teeth!

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New Years Resolution – for your teeth! It’s 2015, and with this brings New Year’s resolutions. Gym memberships are expensive, diet changes can be hard, but proper oral health care… now that is easy! In this week’s blog, we will give you a reminder on how to keep those teeth

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Holidays are coming!

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The holidays are coming… give your teeth a present! No matter what holiday you celebrate, I bet we all do one thing in common… eat. Holidays are filled with great food and wonderful beverages. One thing we often do is overlook the workhorse of all this eating: our teeth! In

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Tooth Decay

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Most scary thing about Halloween….Tooth Decay! One of my favorite holidays is coming up, Halloween! Halloween can be scary… but the scare isn’t from my bad Dracula costume, it is from tooth decay. Tooth decay is the number one preventable disease in the world today, and can lead to pain,

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toothpaste (1)

Crest toothpaste

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Crest toothpaste safe? There has been a lot of talk recently about an ingredient in crest toothpaste: polyethylene. Polyethylene is one of the most common types of plastic. Now why would plastic be put in toothpaste one might ask? Is Crest toothpaste safe, and what toothpastes don’t have polyethylene in

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root canal

What is a root canal?

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Chicagoans are a tough breed – we endure long, hard winters (polar vortex anyone?) and years of losing teams (Cubs?), but two simple words bring fear even to the toughest Chicagoan… root canal. Unfortunately the words “root canal” brings fear to even the strongest person, and TV and movies have portrayed

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teeth_brush_chicago_dental (1)

How to properly brush my teeth?

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How to properly brush my teeth? – keeping you smiling on Michigan and Washington Chicago is a major metropolitan city, and we all live busy lives. What is the best way to prevent decay when you live such a busy lifestyle? This month’s topic will cover oral hygiene and what we

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Which toothpaste is the best?

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Which toothpaste is the best? Toothpaste, dentifrice, paste dentifrice. There are many different words used to describe toothpaste. Along with the words, there are hundreds of types and flavors of different toothpaste to choose from. Which toothpaste is the best? Which one helps with sensitivity? Do the whitening toothpastes actually

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Our Dental Technology

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At Chicago Style Smiles we pride ourselves in giving our patients a great first exam experience. We use both traditional and modern techniques and technologies to properly diagnose disease. In today’s blog topic we will cover some of the technologies we use and why they are beneficial. DIAGNOdent – laser

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Is Chicago's tap water fluoridated?

Fluoride and Chicago Water

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Fluoride. What is it, is fluoride in Chicago’s water and is it right for me and my family? These are all very important questions that we will touch on in this month’s blog posting. Fluoride and Chicago Water: What is fluoride and how does it work? Fluoride is a negatively

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Dr R and D (2)

Chicago Dental Blog beginning!

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Hello all – Welcome to our new blog from the team at Chicago Style Smiles! Dentistry is our passion and we look forward to sharing this passion with our current patients and those looking for a dentist in the Chicago-land area! We love dentistry and Chicago, and we love talking

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Ask The Dentist

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Ask the Dentist! Have Questions for us… Ask the Dentist? Dr. Dow will do his best to answer all things related to Dentistry and Chicago related dental topics. Feel Free to ask us any questions below and get answers right here on our website!