Before & After: Full Mouth Makeover
Full Mouth Makeover

Before & After: Full Mouth Makeover

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Before & After: Full Mouth Makeover *Note: We have been given permission by our patient to highlight this case Before & After: Full Mouth Makeover – the patient’s name has been omitted to protect their privacy. We never disclose any information about our patients without prior consent and approval. At Chicago Style Smiles, we often highlight cases where patient’s mouths are transformed. In this specific case that we completed in late 2016, we

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Our Dental Technology

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At Chicago Style Smiles we pride ourselves in giving our patients a great first exam experience. We use both traditional and modern techniques and technologies to properly diagnose disease. In today’s blog topic we will cover some of the technologies we use and why they are beneficial. DIAGNOdent – laser cavity finder DIAGNOdent is a FDA approved device that scans the surface of teeth with a harmless laser light. DIAGNOdent is particularly good

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Is Chicago's tap water fluoridated?

Fluoride and Chicago Water

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Fluoride. What is it, is fluoride in Chicago’s water and is it right for me and my family? These are all very important questions that we will touch on in this month’s blog posting. Fluoride and Chicago Water: What is fluoride and how does it work? Fluoride is a negatively charged ion that likes bonding to teeth enamel. When the tooth absorbs the fluoride ion into itself, it makes a new material called

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Dr R and D (2)

Chicago Dental Blog beginning!

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Hello all – Welcome to our new blog from the team at Chicago Style Smiles! Dentistry is our passion and we look forward to sharing this passion with our current patients and those looking for a dentist in the Chicago-land area! We love dentistry and Chicago, and we love talking about both. Whether it be talking about why mouth guards are important for our Blackhawks, or new technology in dentistry, we will do

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