Like the bad person I am, I hadn’t visited the dentist in almost two years. And my teeth were in sad shape. But Dr. Rohan never made me feel ashamed, and was very frank about his analysis. Yes, the grand verdict was that I would need about 2-3 fillings and a root canal. OUCH. This is why you should always visit the dentist every six months folks.

He gave me a thorough explanation of what to expect, how to better care for my teeth, etc. And the entire staff was very nice throughout the procedure. When I went in to get the first stage of my root canal done, I was surprised by how I felt…nothing. There were small tinges here and there, but Dr. Rohan made note of it and immediately addressed the pain so that it was minimal. My appointments were always done within an hour and a half.

Now, because Dr. Rohan is such an exceptional dentist, he’s always booked. My next appointment is always weeks away. Moreover, he is pricey, but I’m more than happy to pay for the premium if I’m under professional and thorough care.

-Jennifer K. Via

I’ve been to see Dr Dow 3 times now – once for a (long) overdue routine cleaning, and 2 follow-up visits for some fillings (shame on me for holding off so long!).

Everybody at the office is super-friendly and accommodating. The office runs like a well-oiled machine: very little wait times, plenty of attention from the dentists.

Dr Dow does great work – he explained everything too me, took a lot of pictures, and went to extra mile to make sure I was as comfortable and happy as possible. I had zero residual pain after the numbness from my drilling procedures wore off, and my bite was perfect.

Convenient location, in-and-out in a jiff, and great service – what more could you ask for?

Ben K.


Too much birthday or celebratory cake for me……My Yelp Sweet days has gotten the best of me, and as of late, I’ve had to make several recent trips to the dentist. Not pleasant for most people, but I do must add that Chicago Smiles takes as much pain out of the appointments as bearably possible.


On my first and last visit to my last dentist (I will not disclose WHEN), the staff, was a snooty little entitled bunch who was very cold, impersonal, and acted like I was privileged to be there. Their customer service was very unprofessional and a hygienist, who happened to be leaving at the same time as me, posed questions she had for me about one of my cousins that she happened to know. I can smell a nosy, insincere person a mile away, and *THIS* chic reeked of it. Fyi, that dental business is at the corner of Sheffield and North Ave.

The staff at Chicago Smiles, however, are so caring!!! They are really concerned about your wellbeing, and in this case, your pain factor. I was able to locate them thru 1-800 Dentist and to my very fortunate luck, they happened to be around the corner from work. They even managed to squeeze me in for an emergency visit, which at that point, saw that the problem was a wisdom tooth that needed some prompto removing.

Dr Dow was my dentist and is glad to explain any of the high tech stuff that shows up on his screen. He is very compassionate towards his patients and will clarify any doubts or options for your teeths’ best interest. He also was happy to refer me to an oral surgeon who was in the same building to extract my widwom tooth.

Did I say BEST DENTIST ever?

Theresa is their office manager who handles all the financial mumbo jumbo. She is very clarified with her information, and is also very warm. I’m a big sissy when it comes to pain, and on my first (EXCRUCIATING PAINFUL) visit, she made me feel comfortable and at ease. She also calls at least a week prior to an appointment to confirm or reschedule, and makes everything easy breezy!

Let’s not forget Shelly, Dr. Dow’s assistant! Sweet as pie, and honestly, I am not exaggerating! After taking some very painful xrays, yes…I’ll admit. I sat in the chair crying. She was very apologetic, and it wasn’t even her fault. But I really did feel her empathy for my pain, and felt better. Chatting up with her was like speaking to an old long lost friend.


Ok, so what’s with all the bold faced typo, you ask?! Well, it’ll make all the difference to you fellow Yelpers the next time you’re FRANTICALLY trying to find a new dentist. I’m making the search engine do a heck of a lot less work for you!

Oh, and please tell them April P sent you to them!

-April P. Via

I recently had my first appointment with Dr. Rohan last week after seeing the rave reviews here on Yelp. And I was not disappointed one bit! I am a little nervous about dental appointments, and from the moment I walked in, his staff made me feel very comfortable. They are very friendly and sweet, and I have to say it really does make the appointment a very pleasant one when the staff is as nice as they are. I arrived early, and they took me in on time.

The offices are very clean and seem to have very current technology and equipment. The views from their offices are pretty nice, too!

Dr. Rohan, who reminds me a bit of Richard Dreyfuss, is very personable, nice, and friendly. He also makes it a point to educate you about your teeth, which I find most dentists fail to do. Dr. Rohan tells you exactly what he is doing, what he is looking at, and what he thinks you should do. Not only does he give you a thorough dental exam, he will give you an informative explanation as to the state of your teeth and how best to care for and treat them.

And here’s a final thing that impressed me. It’s a little thing that made a big impression. I had to make a return appointment for two fillings (that are long overdue), and Kristie who works at the front desk told me she would look at my insurance coverage, and tell me how much the services would cost, how much my insurance company would cover, and how much I would pay. She sent me that info the very next day and even offered options.

After years of trying out dentists, I am really happy that I found Dr. Rohan and his staff. Little details make all the difference.

Update: I recently returned for two fillings and a cleaning. Even though I was terrified (especially about the Novocaine shot), the staff made me feel right at ease. Shelley greeted me warmly right away (by my name even!), Mary was terrific at cleaning my teeth and was very sensitive to whether I was comfortable or feeling any pain. Of course, Dr. Rohan and Patti did a fantastic job with my fillings. Dr. Rohan, who knew I was one of the nervous patients, even handed me an MP3 player to use beforehand so that it would drown out the sound of the drilling. Facing a gorgeous view of Millennium Park and listening to music, I really felt at ease…even though my fillings were a bit complicated. Afterwards, Dr. Rohan explained what he did and even took photos of before/after to explain what happened. At the end, Kristie quickly explained my bills/co-pay, and sent me off warmly. Thanks again to Dr. Rohan and his fabulous staff!

-Suz C. Via

I wish I could give Dr. Dow 7 stars, and let me tell you why. I am a true phobic when it comes to a dentist. I have had a countless number of bad experiences! Really bad! I have had some true weirdos in my mouth! But after today, I think if I would have met Dr. Dow 20 years ago, I would have perfect oral health.

It is something to be said of a dentist who is both patient and professional. It is even more when the tone and timbre of someones’ voice is equally relaxing. I was scared to death to have a tooth extracted, and I am scared to death to return in a few weeks — but I am going back because I need to and because I have a sneaky suspicion that things will go as smoothly as they did today.

If anyone out there has an aversion to the entire dental profession (like me), try Dr. Dow. In statistics there is no such thing as 100% confidence, but I can say at the 99% level that if you’re scared, try Dr. Dow first. You probably won’t go any place else.

Martina S.

Want to feel at home and get the feeling that you’re walking into a genuine, small-town business?

I usually don’t write these reviews–positive or negative–but the experiences I have had at this office are too exceptional not to share with others. I can honestly say that this dental office will give you just this next-door neighbor experience. I have (and will continue) to recommend friends who are new to the city and ask the question “Do you know a good dentist?” to this office.

In a city where we are constantly reading the fine print and watching our wallet, it feels pretty good to walk into a business and know that you are going to be treated like a human being. Dr Rohan and Dr Dow make it very clear from your first visit that they want to earn your respect, gain your trust, and earn your long-term business. [In fact, in my very first visit, the dentist actually gives you your entire service--cleaning and all!!]. Now that is exceptional service, if you ask me!!

And larger, more intrusive dental visits? Little over a year after first coming to this office, I smashed my face into a rock on vacation and crushed my front teeth. It was painful and embarrassing, and the first thing I did was call Dr Dow. Even though I was halfway across the country, he put my mind at ease and checked in with me daily to monitor my pain and swelling before my return flight. Upon arriving back to Chicago, he agreed to come into the office early to meet with me and assess my situation. Clearly I was frazzled and concerned about my tooth health and appearance, but his attentiveness to my situation and calm demeanor really gave me peace of mind. He went right to work on me the day I returned and began shaping my teeth back to their original form. The end result of this incident was a root canal, which concerned me even more as it was my first one — but I must say, if every root canal was as painless and seamless as the one I underwent, I’d happily come into this place on a regular basis. These guys are true professionals at what they do — but more importantly, they are kind/caring people.

The staff (outside of the doctors) are a bubbly, service-oriented crew and really make you feel like part of the gang. The one time I had a discrepancy between my insurance payment and my responsibility — they quickly followed up with the insurer and I was provided a refund for a small overpayment, virtually immediately. And their follow-up after a visit is remarkable! I grew up in a small town of 2,000 people, and my local dentist there didn’t even follow up with me the day after my visit “to see how I was doing”.

It’s remarkable what they do at this place — go and have a try yourself. You wont be disappointed!

Cole K.