Chicago Style Smiles specializes in cosmetic dentistry, ensuring our patients are 100% satisfied with their smile at the end of every procedure. Both Dr. Dow and Dr. Fisher work with patients to develop a plan that leaves patients happy and smiling – check out our blog to see some of our cosmetic dentistry cases, including before and after pictures.

What types of cosmetic dentistry do we focus on? To put it simply – we do it all.

Crooked teeth: Do you see people with straight teeth and wish you could fix your own? We provide many different options to straighten your smile, including Invisalign, veneers and composite bonding.

Discolored teeth: There are a wide variety of options for whitening to give you the best outcome for your discolored teeth. The results from bleaching are long lasting, and can improve your shade significantly with the proper care.

Misshaped or spaced teeth: Composite bonding and veneers can also be used to fix misshaped teeth or spaces between your teeth. We work with a premier laboratory that happens to be located right in our building to provide a customized approach and outcome for our patients, which we are proud to show off.

Missing teeth: From single tooth restorations to full mouth rehabilitation cases, both Dr. Dow and Dr. Fisher can replace and restore your teeth to give you the smile you deserve.

Whatever your cosmetic dentistry needs, Chicago Style Smiles is here to help. We’ve been providing top cosmetic dentistry in Chicago since 1984. Check out our blog to see some of our cases.

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