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Before & After: Full Mouth Makeover

*Note: We have been given permission by our patient to highlight this case Before & After: Full Mouth Makeover – the patient’s name has been omitted to protect their privacy. We never disclose any information about our patients without prior consent and approval.

At Chicago Style Smiles, we often highlight cases where patient’s mouths are transformed. In this specific case that we completed in late 2016, we performed a full mouth makeover and “All-on-Four” dentistry. All-on-Four dentistry is a technique where “All” of the teeth in one arch are removed and replaced using “four” implants, and a fixed prosthetic is placed containing replacement teeth. The patient came to Chicago Style Smiles because they were in pain – they had difficulty eating, had multiple failing teeth, and didn’t like the way their smile looked. Many of us take these simple luxuries for granted. The following is an overview of the steps we took to restore the patient’s smile. After the full mouth makeover was completed, the patient could eat, was out of pain and was all SMILES!

Reasons for Full Mouth Makeover

1.Patient had pain in the lower left side of the mouth, with swelling and difficulty eating 2.Patient had a desire to fix uneven smile 3.Patient had decay on multiple teeth, with some teeth that were beyond saving 4.The patient had gum disease

Picture of the patient’s teeth before treatment


There were two treatment plan options that the patient could select from:

  • Full mouth makeover on the upper teeth, combined with extraction and All-on-Four dentistry on the lower teeth
  • Full dentures for the upper and lower teeth

Because of the issues mentioned above, and the desire to leave the same day with new teeth, Full Mouth Makeover and All on Four were chosen.

All-on-Four Dentistry – a Full Mouth Makeover technique

All-on-Four dentistry is a technique where a trained surgeon and General Dentist work together to remove hopeless teeth –  replacing and restoring them with esthetic teeth in the same day. All teeth are restored using four implants and a prosthetic containing the teeth. Team work is key – for this case, surgeon Dr. Daniel Weber of Periodontics LLC was given the task.  Dr. Weber and I worked together over a span of a month to digitally plan the case using special x-ray equipment and software to ensure everything was in place before the surgery was completed.

Full Mouth Makeover / Rehabilitation 

Because this case involved both arches, we could use the remaining upper teeth and save them. Crown lengthening surgery was completed on the upper teeth along with crowns to give the function and aesthetics desired.

Temporary Phase

To allow the implants to heal, temporaries were placed for six months to evaluate the feel, function, phonetics and overall look. Since we give our patients six months to try out the provisional teeth, the patient was able to identify a few small changes that we were able to move into the final prosthetics.

surgery_b_a_1200wFinal Restorations for Full Mouth Makeover

Once the healing was completed around the implants and the changes were made based on feedback from the temporary teeth, the final prosthetics were completed. 12 crowns were completed on the upper teeth, along with a custom-made titanium supported All-on-Four appliance (teeth attached to the implants). All-on-Four dentistry and the full mouth rehabilitation were complete!


If you or someone you know isn’t 100% happy with your smile or ability to function, let us know. We are happy to work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs, and ultimately helps you smile again.

Keep Smiling Chicago.

Kevin Dow DDS