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At Chicago Style Smiles we pride ourselves in giving our patients a great first exam experience. We use both traditional and modern techniques and technologies to properly diagnose disease. In today’s blog topic we will cover some of the technologies we use and why they are beneficial.

DIAGNOdent – laser cavity finder


DIAGNOdent is a FDA approved device that scans the surface of teeth with a harmless laser light. DIAGNOdent is particularly good at catching cavities in their early stages and with treatment, helps stop the spread of disease before it causes further damage to the tooth. A good video of how it works can be seen here.

Digital X-rays

At Chicago Style Smiles we use Digital X-Ray technology to provide our patients with comfortable, instant radiographs of their bitewingteeth. We use a direct digital sensor which has been shown to significantly decrease the radiation levels compared to old film x-rays.

We recommend using digital X-rays at your first visit to examine the teeth for any disease. Bite wing X-rays, which are usually taken yearly, are great for looking in between the teeth as well. To the right you can see a digital bitewing taken of my own teeth!

Intraoral camera

At Chicago Style Smiles we use intraoral cameras to take pictures of our patients’ teeth. These

cameras are helpful for multiple reasons:


  1. We can show our patients their teeth – we really do enjoy what we do and like educating our patients on their teeth and mouth. We think it is important patients understand the ins and outs of their teeth, and we are proud of what we do.
  2. We can watch certain areas of your mouth and compare them over time. I wish I had a photographic memory, but I don’t! Luckily we have an intraoral camera and computer to remember what your teeth look like from visit to visit.
  3. Insurance – we do everything we can to maximize your insurance benefits. Sometimes insurance companies ask for information on why we are recommending treatment. The best way to do this is send a photo.

We are constantly reviewing our technology to see how we can improve your overall experience. Feel free to ask questions during you visit about any technology we use – we are happy to show you.

Keep smiling Chicago!

Kevin Dow DDS