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The holidays are coming… give your teeth a present!

No matter what holiday you celebrate, I bet we all do one thing in common… eat. Holidays are filled with great food and wonderful beverages. One thing we often do is overlook the workhorse of all this eating: our teeth! In this week’s blog we will go over food and teeth, end of the year benefits, and how to keep you smiling into the New Year.

Mmmmm food… what was that about food and teeth?

Holiday candies, holiday cake, holiday drinks… all have one thing in common: sugar. According to the ADA, the number one source of added sugar is soft drinks at 35.7%. Number two? Grain-based desserts (cakes, pies) at 12.9%.

My grandma made the world’s best apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream, but she was smart and would always make me brush my teeth afterwards (ice cream is number four on the list at 6.5%). It’s okay to eat sugar, and it’s definitely okay to eat sugar products in moderation during the holidays, just remember to brush and floss those teeth after a sugary treat.

Time is ticking in 2014…

Before the year is over, give us a call at 312-372-4845 and ask what insurance benefits you have left. Do you have a Health Savings Account (HAS) that needs to be used? Some corporate HAS’s roll over, some don’t. Why not use your “free money” and get your teeth fixed before it runs out? If you don’t ask you don’t know, so give us a call and see if there is anything we can do before year-end to make you smiling again while maximizing your insurance benefits. You paid for it, might as well use it!

Keep smiling Chicago.


Kevin Dow

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