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New Years Resolution – for your teeth!

It’s 2015, and with this brings New Year’s resolutions. Gym memberships are expensive, diet changes can be hard, but proper oral health care… now that is easy! In this week’s blog, we will give you a reminder on how to keep those teeth clean and your mouth healthy throughout 2015.


Overview – 2 minutes, twice per day, 45 degree angle to the tooth and gum, with a light touch. Focus on getting to the hard to reach areas, the back teeth and lower front teeth. For a full explanation see last year’s blog on how to brush your teeth.


Overview – floss once per day, or at least once every three days if you can’t keep up with the daily schedule, which is ideal. Waxed, unwaxed, picks or packaged, it doesn’t matter to us, as long as you do it!

Dental Visits

Have your teeth checked and cleaned at least twice per year (every 6 months). If your teeth are like a fine car and need a tune up maybe more often than others, we may recommend more than twice per year. Typically teeth x-rays will be taken once per year as well, to look for cavities and possible signs of gum disease.


This is a big one – look for a future blog on this. The major key is to keep refined sugars away.  If you do eat them, try to brush your teeth as soon as possible after eating them. Also, remember teas, coffee and red wine are the biggest causes of stained teeth, so again, brush those teeth after consumption to avoid heavy staining. Try to avoid excess direct exposure to acidic products like limes, lemons, and oranges. Everything in moderation is key to a good oral health diet.

In summary – New Years Resolution – for your teeth!

Brushing, flossing and regular appointments are key to your 2015 dental health. We look forward to another great year and thank you all for being such great patients. Here’s to dental health in 2015!!


Keep Smiling Chicago!


Kevin Dow

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